Price May Change without Notice


A1. Fried Onion Rings 6.25
A2. Salty Style Calamari 9.50
A3. Satay Skewered Chicken
grilled with a peanut sauce
A4. Asian Spiced Chicken Wings (8 pcs) 7.50
A5. Pan Fried Dumplings (10 pcs)
with pork, chicken, vegetables & green onion
A6. Egg Rolls
with duck sauce
(S) 3.00 (L) 5.00
A7. Cream Cheese Wontons (S) 3.75 (L) 7.25
A8. House Fried Wontons
house made pan fried with pork, crab meat, vegetables & a ginger cilantro sauce
A9. Handmade Spring Rolls (2 pcs) 3.95
A10. Fried Jumbo Shrimp (5 pcs) 8.50
A11. Appetizer Sampler
two egg rolls, four cream cheese wontons, four chicken wings, two fried shrimp & six grilled bbq pork strips
French Fries 4.95